What Roslyn Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi there. My name is Roslyn Loxton. I am a mindset coach and an emotional clearer, so I work in that space of human helping people. I also am a professional singer, and now I’m also an author. I come from Brisbane and I’ve recently moved, my husband and I
have moved up north up into a place called 10 Sand, so we can be by the beach so I can write my books. But I found Sophie’s course when I was, I’m quite entrepreneurial. I like to work for myself and do create my own things. I’m a creative and so I was looking to write and produce material, and then I stumbled across, I think I might’ve Googled or whatever. I was online and I came across Sophie’s ad for her I course, and it just resonated for me. So I jumped on it and then I got really busy with life and put it down for a bit and then came back to it and decided to uplevel and go for the bigger package
where I could plug into the coaches and the upleveled and training that happens.

There’s a lot of training and so I have a lot of admiration for Sophie. She works hard and she does things right. If Sophie models a way of being an entrepreneur, that shows you that you really need to be committed to your goals. And what I love about the program, the book writing program, is that I am really committed and I can see that the limits are only on me. I can produce as many books as I want. I can have as many subjects as I want, and the limits are on me. And so I want to be as unlimited as I can. And that’s what I really enjoy about this concept, this entrepreneurial concept of producing your own books. And the world keeps changing and software keeps changing and people’s buying things change. But I feel like there’s a fundamental through line that will never disappear.

And people do like to consume information for all sorts of reasons. So I have produced four books now, and I’m right now up to my fifth book. And I love going onto my K D P dashboard and seeing, oh, how many books sold last night while I was asleep. And I’m getting better at it and my books are selling and I am starting to get royalties come through. So I can see the more books that I’ve got online, the more royalties that are going to come through. And it’s not really just like a miracle. I put a book up and now I’ve got all these sales. You have to be committed to why you’re doing this, committed to what the drive is within you, and be committed to jumping through some hoops and sorting out where your challenges are and not just look for some quick fix, short term miracle, you really have to commit to, I think this book writing as being
either a side hustle that you commit to building and building and building, or if you want it to be your main business, you commit to that too. So it’s easy in that I’m sitting here on the floor in the lounge room with my doggies just riding away and that’s amazing. And I’m traveling at the moment. I’m not at home so I can do it anywhere. So there’s a lot of freedom in the model that Sophie’s teaching and I’m sure other people are teaching it as well. I did look at other courses and I came back to Sophie’s.

It just resonated for me. And I came back and I upleveled to the next level of training because I wanted to commit. I really wanted to commit. And I could see how for me and my personality, I could easily procrastinate. So I’m really glad that I did the course. I feel
really excited about what I can produce and the unlimited nature of what’s possible in this business model. And I realize it’s not a short term. Could be your first book, could be a real winner, but I don’t expect that. I hope for that. But I really don’t expect that I’m here for the long haul. So if you are considering doing something like this, be ready to commit to yourself. Be ready to commit to the learning, be ready to commit to the whole process and be realistic about it. And there is a lot of help and a lot of training.

And if you commit to going through all of that training, you’ll have everything that you need to make this a really legitimate business for yourself. So that’s it for me. Yeah, I would definitely recommend the program, but I would definitely recommend it to people who are ready to commit and they’re not just kind of looking to be rescued by some quick fix miracle, like commit to the business model, think of yourself as an entrepreneur and commit to yourself. And then if you do that, all the tools are here and all the coaches and all the help is here to really support you in that process. So my name’s Rose Luxton and I doing my fifth book now, and I’m so excited about, I feel I’ve got a lot of my spirit and heart in this one. So I can’t wait to get that published and uploaded and marketed any who all the best for your publishing career, and I hope to see some of your books out there in the world being really successful. Okay, thank you.

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