From Novice to Author: Vanessa’s One-Month Journey to Launching Her First Book

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Meet Vanessa, a passionate writer who turned her dream into a published book in record time with Kindle self-publishing.

Hello, my name is Vanessa.

I’m a K Express student.

I’m very, very satisfied with the program.

I learned a lot.

I went in-depth into all the details of the self-publishing journey.

And it’s an amazing way of learning!

And you can count on the support of the coaches, that was actually very helpful for me.

I want to thank my personal coach, Ellen was doing a lot for me, really, in this journey.

And, I just launched my first book once, one month ago, so everything is going well.

And I’m going, to keep on going on this.

Thank you.

Enjoy the program!

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