Marianne’s New Chapter: From Graphic Designer to Self-Publishing Pro

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Meet Marianne, an Ex-Freelance Designer Who Leveraged Her Creativity To Launch A Self-Publishing Career

My name’s Marianne, I’m 53 and I live in the UK with my two sons.

I joined the K Express program in April of this year.

Before that, quite a few years ago now, I actually did publish a book that I had produced on Amazon, but I didn’t know anything about Amazon KDP, at all.

I just sort of shoved it on.

My background over the last well, sort of 15, 20 years has been freelance graphic design content creation.

So I was really looking for work that I could do remotely that I could travel with.

Now my kids are getting older and I can still have a creative input, but I don’t have to, you know, go to work or have to look for different jobs all the time, which you kind of do when you’re freelance.

So, I started the programm, I’ve since launched six books, uh, and they all sell really regularly.

I’m learning all the time.

The program has been absolutely fantastic.

It’s taught me so much about the back end of Amazon.

I’ve been, working with two coaches, with Nick, who’s really helped me with my research & the advertising element of Amazon, because that’s quite a thing of its own.

That’s really, you really, you know, need the guidance that you get with a program like this to kind of understand it.

And I’ve been working with Erin, because I have some public domain books as well.

There’s such a lot of different access to different parts of the program that you really only get by sort of diving a bit deep into doing a course like this

And lots of software that’s quite difficult to understand if you don’t know anything about it or you, you know, you don’t even know where to find it in the first place.

And just being able to just have that accountability all the time 

And just to be part of the Facebook group and things like that, which you just don’t get that kind of support if you’re trying to do something by yourself.

In addition to my books, the courses also taught me about expanding beyond just Amazon.

So, you know, it teaches you or introduces you to things like, you know, sort of social media, online content, websites, and courses and things.

So my business is actually evolving in a much bigger way than I originally expected.

I thought it was just, just producing books for Amazon, but it really has got so many different components.

And that’s one of the things that I found really, really interesting and useful by.

Doing the course.

So, yeah, it’s been great and I’m producing books.

I’ve got new launch books coming up in the next few weeks 

And I’ve got short, medium, long term plans, which I just simply wouldn’t have been able to do, without following this program and having all of the coach support throughout.

So it’s been great!

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