Mary Ann Finds Success: From Uncertainty to Publishing Ten Books!

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Hi, my name is Mary Ann and I’m originally from New York City, but I’ve lived in Spain for over 35 years. I’m a retired nurse and educator. I originally saw Sophie’s ad attached to a YouTube video, and after I saw that, I said, well, let me go look in YouTube and learn a little bit about this K D P publishing. So I looked at a lot of videos and I realized that really they were giving some information so that I got the basic idea, but I didn’t think it was really completely the information that I needed to proceed. So I went ahead and last August purchased the K Sophie’s program, K P I, and that definitely has a step by step procedures and every single thing that I need to publish. Since I’ve been in last August, I’ve published 10 books. The first couple were books that I just wanted to publish, and they were medium content adult and some children’s coloring books, and
they didn’t sell really very well, although one of them is selling because I think it has a nice cover.

But I wasn’t following the process. The last three that I have published have been following totally the procedures and the recommendations and Sophie’s course, and those are selling nicely, not number one bestsellers, but they’re selling quite nicely. And
I’m pleased with the difference that I definitely see the difference. I would recommend buying this if you’re interested in getting into K D P publishing, because really there are more to be known than you can find on just free on the internet. Why am I doing this? Well, of course I’d like to have supplementary income in my retirement, but also because, really because I’m a lifelong learner and I love to learn, and there’s plenty to learn here. Thank you. Bye.

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