What Jilly Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, my name is Jill and I’m from the UK currently on holiday in Spain. As you can tell, this isn’t the UK behind me. I’m a cleaning manager and I am quite new to the business. I’ve just published my first book and I’m really excited to see the sales rolling in already,
despite very little hard work on my part. Before I found this opportunity, I worked really, really hard. I still do, but I never seemed to have any residual income. I never had any spare cash to spend on things that I enjoy, and I didn’t really think too much about it. I
thought that’s just how it is when you are a grownup. Adulting is hard, and we all have to budget heavily and nobody has any spare cash. I thought I first came across Sophie’s k d p opportunity when her advert popped up when I was watching a completely
unrelated YouTube video earlier this year, and I found myself intrigued, and as I listened, I just thought, well, why not?

Why don’t I give it a go? As soon as I made that first payment, I was really pleased to understand fully the support which is provided and available. Sophie and her team, they all publish their own books and they all enjoy healthy sales figures. They don’t just preach it, they do it. And more important than that, they’re all a hundred percent
dedicated to making everybody a success. Everybody who enrolls on the program is given so much support. It’s quite unbelievable. As I mentioned, I’ve just published my first book and the sales were already rolling in, and the second book is getting ready for
publication. As I speak, I’ve found that my emotional wellbeing is much healthier. I’m not so worried about money as I used to be. So if you are currently on the fence and you are wondering whether you should take advantage of Sophie’s opportunity, then I heartily recommend it. You won’t be sorry because so much support is given by Sophie and her staff. They all really know what they’re talking about, and the step by step guidance that you are given is just phenomenal and it’s really exciting. It’s a great feeling to be a published author and to have sales coming in. It’s brilliant. So give it a go.

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