What Kevin Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Kevin Prismall. I’m married with three adult children and seven grandchildren. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a retired teacher. Retired about 10 years ago and was not looking for something to just keep my mind working. Teaching is stimulating and you’re kind of on your feet and multiple contacts with students every day. But I felt like I was just slowing down and then my son, Dan, was starting up an Amazon seller business. So I said I’d help him. And through that came into contact with Sophie Howard through videos and her advertising and became interested in the Kindle direct publishing. So I got into that, bought the package and started to work on that and found it very exciting, very stimulating. People that I met, the software, the videos, training videos were just all excellent value. And through that then came in contact with the KX10 Masterclass program, which I found quite amazing.

So this was to teach people like me to be online publishers with Amazon and I’ve got two books ready to be published. I’m working on a third. Just found it very stimulating. The training, the mentors, the training videos, working with contractors. It’s just setting up a business like this. It’s just been a very exciting thing for me. So yeah, I’ve not looked back. Just found it very stimulating. It’s really replaced what I was doing, teaching. And if anyone is interested in doing this, I just say go for it because if you’ve come across it and you’ve watched Sophie at all, she’s very honest. Just very honest, down to earth. And so I’m pretty excited about it and I’m not going to come back. So go for it. Give it a go.

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