What Heather Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, Sophie. My name’s Heather, and at present, I’m living in Auckland, New Zealand. I purchased the KPI course earlier this year, and I’m still working my way through it. However, even though I have not completed it yet, I have, with the information gleaned thus far, managed to create a book. And it’s now, I’m proud to say, listed on Amazon. The information in the course is really good. And the big lesson I have learned is that, at the end of the day, to get the results, I actually do have to do the book work. Although, not as much as you might expect, and I’m really looking forward to reaping the results in the near future. I previously had a really successful Amazon product business, and so I know the huge marketplace that Amazon is. And that if you have the correct recipe for success, the sky really is the limit. The huge advantage for me doing the KPI course, though, is that unlike selling physical products, there’s a lot less stress involved.

And this is for several reasons. For example, there’s no inventory constantly being required to be topped up and kept in stock, no shipping processes to chase up, no customs or storage fees, et cetera, and all that goes along with that. The ebook system is much more streamlined. The tools that I’ve so far discovered from the course are really helpful and time-saving. By using one of these tools, I was able to get my low content book completed and the cover designed and listed on Amazon in a couple of hours. I’m really impressed with the live teaching sessions once a week, where I can ask questions and get immediate replies to any queries I may have. For anybody wanting a bit more income, or to replace their current income and beyond, then selling Kindle books or paperbacks on Amazon is really a gift, when you compare the fairly minimum outlay to the potential income. And as long as the books keep selling, the royalties will keep on rolling in.

I would love to win the free Kindle book done for me, that you were so generously offering, Sophie. Because this will really speed me on my journey to be financially free, which is the potential this course undoubtedly has. And I offer my heartfelt thanks to you, Sophie, and all of your team.

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