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Hello. I’m Will Hanserd. I’m recording this for Sophie’s contest for KPI.

I am a retired environmental executive, I retired a year and a half ago. The first six months, I did to-dos, honey-dos around the house. After six months, I was going nuts. I needed something to do. I decided I wanted to do something I’ve never done before, something I found interesting. I thought selling on Amazon would be an interesting and fun thing to do, and rewarding. I didn’t realize how hard it was. I look at all of the different people offering instruction on the internet, and there are some good schools, but the one that stood out, above others, was the Sophie Howard method.

A year ago, in August, I started my FBA journey with Sophie. Couple of… This face planter behind me is a product that we have on the way from China. I’ve also got a makeup brush holder we made out of the same face. It’s a pretty woman, it’s mine. The other one we use for reference. I did design it, and our FBA journey is started. It’s going really well. About last December, I learned that Sophie was starting up KPI. She had KPI for a while, but I just learned about it. I was so busy with FBA, and when I learned what the program was about, I knew I had to join it.

I joined the KX10 for lots of reasons. One of them was the superiority of the Sophie Howard school and everything she does. If you follow the instruction and if you persevere, because none of this is easy, you will succeed, but you have to follow the instruction, you have to persevere, and you have to make good decisions along the way, of course. So I joined KX10, I’m beginning a wonderful instruction on how to publish books. I have one of the things is a done-for-you book. I’m editing the draft of it right now. I also have a fiction book that I’m also editing, in the final stages of editing. We’re going to go to book covers front and back matter next. I’ll have these two books in the Kindle marketplace in three or four weeks. And with audio books, be the paperback, the Kindle and the audio book. I’m really looking forward to that.

I have also in process, some books that I wrote years and years ago, five or six years ago, young adult science fiction books. I have six books that are drafted and they need developmental editing and they need a lot of work, but there are two separate series, two different adventures for young people, young adult science fiction romance books. I also have a action adventure series I stopped writing on seven years ago, adult male, Jack Reacher type. I’ve got two of those books done. So they’re drafted, they also need some developmental editing and some work. I expect that by the end of Q1 next year, I will have the two young adult series on Kindle. Going to be a big launch, sometime in Q1, cause I’m launching two series, three books each. NaNoWriMo is in November, so I’ll have a month of cobbling together book two of my adult action, adventure series. I’ve written books, one and three. I just got so excited about what’s going on in three, I jumped over two, so I’ve got to go back and write two. I’ll do that this November in NaNoWriMo.

It’s been a riot and I’ve succeeded in doing what I wanted to do, which was do something I’ve never done before. And I’ve never sold, designed things, worked with foreign factories to get the manufactured and they’ll be loaded up on the boat in October 11. So I’m going to miss the Q4 Christmas sales event, probably, I may catch the tail end of it. On two products with FBA. I will have two books with my KPI journey next month on the market earning revenue, I hope.

And by Q1, the end of Q1 next year I’ll have three fiction or two fiction series young adult, ready to go. I’ll have the action adventure adult series, ready to go, probably first part of Q2. I also have another nonfiction book or two written and done in that timeframe. One of them is a another done-for-you book as part of KX10. I just got to tell you that it’s been a fun journey, I’ve learned a lot, I’m having a ball. And pretty soon when I start putting products in the marketplace on, on Amazon, FBA and Kindle store and elsewhere, I’ll be selling my face planners and makeup brush holders to Walmart and anybody else who will take them. I expect to have a nice little business I can give to my girls, my wife and my daughter for them to run. So I can go off and do something else.

And I’m looking into rare earth metals, very hard. I have a science background, so I can do that kind of stuff. And this stuff, this selling and marketing and writing is way out of my wheelhouse, but it’s been so much fun to learn, I’m having a ball. I am so glad I found Sophie, who I’ve learned to love and trust. I know that if you follow her instruction, and if you work hard, you will succeed because she has blazed the pathway and written instruction programs that work.

And that’s the end of this video. That’s all I had to say. Just one more thing. Thank you, Sophie and Virginni and Lisa and Alex and Preston and CJ and Hailey. And so many of them, the organization you put together, Sophie is really special. It really works. And if I do win a trip to Bali, I pick Bali Indonesia. It would be to scout products and factories. Thank you, bye.

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