What Joy Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Joy. I’m currently a student taking my master’s in counseling psychology. I’m from Western Canada, and I initially heard about Sophie’s program through Instagram, actually in February of 2023. I was really attracted to the fact that Sophie told a little bit about her story and how she began this journey in an effort to have that freedom to spend the time with her family that she wasn’t able to get working her regular job. And that really, really drew me in because that was my main goal. Before I started the program, I was working a really, really stressful job working for the government. I really wanted to experience freedom. I wanted financial freedom more than anything else. I wanted freedom to work from wherever I wanted to work when I wanted, and to just have that control over my own life and my own schedule. 

As soon as I started the program, I told myself I’m jumping in with both feet. I really, really wanted to commit myself fully to putting the program to practice, implementing it and seeing if it would actually work for me. And lo and behold, I published my first book four months later, and I cannot believe how quickly the book started selling. I could not believe when I got my first sale on the first day of it going live. I was just blown away that this actually works, that I was able to put it to practice and actually see success. I was just out of control, excited. I’ve been able to publish three books so far, working on the fourth one, and my goal is to have this completely replace my income. I know that within a very short period of time, I’ll be able to accomplish that because of this program. So I’m so incredibly grateful for how it has impacted my life and how it’s going to continue to do so. You do put in the work and implement the strategies that they suggest. I believe that you’ll be successful. So yes, if you’re considering it, please do yourself that favor and please sign up for the program. I truly, truly believe you will not regret it.

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