What Caroline Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, my name is Caroline. I’m from England. I joined the program in October of 2021, and the reason I joined it was because I saw one of Sophie’s videos on YouTube and at the time I was working for a small charity. We were being threatened with redundancies at the tail end of the pandemic. And I thought I must look for other ways that I could make a living independently. It’s always been my dream to own my own business, and particularly an online business that I can travel with and be flexible. And particularly now I’m looking towards the retirement years and hopefully earn some passive income when it gets to retirement as a result of the hard work that I put in. Now, what attracted me to Sophie’s course above all other things was that my chief passion is reading and books and always has been since I was a young child.

So although I’d looked at other online business models, none of them had really appealed like this one did. Doing this course, this K P I course with Sophie and all the other coaches has proved a really invaluable addition to my life. I do put many hours in every single week, but it doesn’t feel like hard work. It’s usually fun and it’s always
because I want to. One thing I particularly like about this course over and above other video learning module based courses is that there’s a personal touch. So you get a weekly live q and a call with the coaches and also a weekly presentation call, and that’s ongoing so you feel like you’re part of a community. And the other really fun element to this course is that you get to chat or eet people from all over the world. It is really truly international. I’m just about to publish my sixth book. It’s all been in the history genre so far, and now I feel it’s time to diversify. So I recommend this course and I wish you all
the very best of luck with your future publishing journey.

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