Finding Joy: Nicci’s Story of Finding a New Hobby and Income Source

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Hi, I’m Nicci. I’m from South Africa and I had like to tell you about K P I and K Xpress and what it has meant for me. Eight months ago I decided that I needed a new hobby. My kids were soon going to be out of school and I would not have had anything to keep me
busy with, although I am an IT consultant as a job. So something part-time. I then joined K P I and K Express and it’s been a really exciting time for me. I’ve since published two non-fiction books. I’ve also published two low content books and to my surprise, they’ve
sold. So I’m very excited about that. I’m still doing it and maybe one day I will focus more on spending more time on that, but it is really been something that has been fulfilling for me. The whole path that we had to take so much that I learned sometimes when I feared, oh, what do I need to do here? K P I has been there all the way. Using the questions and answers sessions, they would always answer something. It’s really been a tremendous journey and even though it’s not the quick rich scheme, it’s all about how much time you put into it and what you want to get out of it. And for me it has been joy.
It’s something I have definitely found. My new hobby and I want to give a big shout out to K P I. Thank you very much for changing my life.

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