What Ingrid Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Well, good day to you. My name’s Ingrid, and I’m here today to tell you about this amazing program that I found online while browsing the internet, and it’s called the KPI Course, and it’s written by Sophie Howard. At this stage in my life, I’m retired from a long career of doing many varied things in administration. Owned a construction company, flew for a major airline. I am a qualified florist and worked as a floral designer for a major wedding company. I’ve raised four children and now I have 10 beautiful grandchildren. And so what do you do when you come to the end of your working career? You’ve survived the empty nest syndrome. What do you do then? Well, then you write a book, and every time I chat with people, they just are amazed at some of the things I’ve done and experienced.

And also on my trips with humanitarian aid to crisis situations. I’ve seen so many things, but I have no way of putting that all down in the format of a book. And so I was most delighted to find this program of Sophie Howard and the way she describes what she’s done and how to go about writing a book. I signed up for her program and was very excited to see the way she put together all the modules and how enthusiastic she is and how practical she is. And she points out the structures and the guidelines and what the pitfalls would be to writing a book. It is a fun program. It is intense, and you learn a whole new skill set. And to do all of this under the expert mentorship and guidance of somebody who’s gone ahead of you and who’s successful on Kindle with her own books that she’s published.

So I highly recommend Sophie Howard’s course, the KPI course for anybody who’s considering writing a book and like me didn’t know where to begin. And so this would be really putting you on the right path and putting you on the road to access to write a quality book. So I encourage you to sign up.

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