What Maria Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Maria and I am a creative consultant living in Vancouver. So I want to talk about this course, because I actually do not have any sales yet. I have not published my book yet, because it’s still in the work. I just started with the course, but I still wanted to make this video, because I wanted to talk to all the people who have different interests, who have different interests in different creative hobbies or stuff.

So I used, I mean, not I used to be, I’m still like this, I love to try out a lot of different things as well as improving my skills. So as a creative consultant, you have to do that anyways. But in general, for artists or digital marketers or business owners, you also have to do this as well as authors. So I think, I really would say for people who love to do different things, this is perfect because you basically get to do it as well as you get to share your interests and your passions through a book.

So while you get help on how to publish a book, you actually also, even though you don’t write the books, sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t, you actually do the things that the books are talking about. So it is always in your field, it’s always in your interests, and that’s what I really loved about this course, that you do what you love. And then you also, you’re able to create the free time to do it, and you open up new doors for yourself and that is really awesome.
So yeah, you get to follow these things. This is a very structured course. I have done a few courses and this is one of the most structured course I’ve ever seen. As well as the people care about it, they are actually there. They’re actually checking in with you and you’re not just left alone. When I first saw the course, I was like, this is it. Instantly I knew this is it. I was thinking about publishing-

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