What Maria Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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My name is Maria Caros and I’m a stay-at-home mom with a background in cognitive neuroscience. I also do some direct selling with hair and skin. So I saw Sophie on Instagram, on an Instagram ad and what attracted me to her was she seemed to have a lot of experience in the online world. So not just with the ebook publishing business, but also with other businesses that she has. So I believe that got me to trust her a little bit. And because she was talking about book writing, that attracted me because I love to write, so I thought, “This would be something I would like to explore,” because I was also looking for an additional stream of income as every little bit helps right now. So I bought the course and I got really excited because I learned that I could put my research skills from cognitive neuroscience to good use, researching material for books and then hiring someone else to write it. And I was also quite excited because I thought, in the future if I ever want to do some fiction writing of my own, I could use a lot of the skills learned in the course to apply to that if I ever decide to self-publish.

So all in all, I’m very, very excited about everything and right now I am in the process, I just finished my book outline and I’m just trying to decide which agency of the three that Sophie recommends I’m going to go with. So that is my spot right now, and I urge anybody who’s thinking about trying this course to do it. I find it has a lot of value to it, a lot of bonus stuff, a lot of extras with her associates that email you their newsletters that are extremely helpful. I believe his name is Wesley. Anyway, so I really highly recommend this course to anybody thinking about it.

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