What Glyn Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi everyone, My name is Glyn. I’m from the UK. A place that is determined not to experience the same heatwave that the rest of Europe are having currently. A little background about myself during the pandemic and a lockdown phase in the UK. I basically took on a build project and rebuilt basically a house and the gardens that went.
with it, and I was looking for really what to do next.

Should I go back into the jobs that I used to do or should I look for some other alternatives? I’d also had the opportunity to write my own book. I’ve always been interested in doing that, so I was actually in the process of looking for means and ways to be able to publish my book. What I found out was how expensive it would be to actually publish it through standard publishers, and there have been absolutely no guarantee of success at all.

So, I was a bit disheartened, but however, along that journey, which took a bit of a left turn off this, I saw Sophie’s video on K P I and the opportunities that had to have generated an income stream. So, I joined in April, so I’m entering my fifth month with the program. After about three and a half months, I managed to get through all of the core training modules. I was determined to get through them before I launched my first book, really, so that I didn’t make too many issues or too many mistakes along the way. Anyway, the main thing, main learning is just basically got stuck in and launch a book.

You overcome any issues that you have along the way, I’m sure, and it’s a fairly straightforward process, although when you first start, it all seems to be quite overwhelming. Anyway, my first book, home Decluttering, done Best for Success is now Out. It has been out for three weeks doing very well. I think it’s got about 175 downloads or purchases. The marketing seems to be going well. Good A Costs Goods, five-star ratings.

Yeah, so I’m pretty happy with the first book. It’s part of a series. There will be 10 books in total, which I’ll get done before I’m one year into the program. With my aim to generate off of that, about two and a half thousand pounds per month going on the rate of the sales of this one. That seems to be a realistic amount, and if I do that, then I feel that I’ve been successful, which is great.

My main thing to everyone is yeah, really, really look at this as an opportunity to create even an alternative income stream or a main income stream, depending on the circumstances and give it a go. I think it’s very exciting. I think it’s a great opportunity. It’s nice to be an entrepreneur. It’s nice to actually create something, get all the information back from customers that buy the book in. There and do something that actually makes a difference. So yes, and one thing I will say is if you’d like to download a copy of Home Decluttering done Best for Success, then please do and give it a review.

Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

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