What Glenda Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I am Glenda Jones coming to you from Cedar City, Utah in the USA. I joined K P I about three months ago, and since then I have published eight books. It’s true. After my initial meeting with my coaches and the support staff, I felt really clear about the process. I was really impressed with the trainings, and I felt empowered to be able to go on my own publishing journey.

So, after three weeks after being in the program, I published my first book, which is Natural Remedies for Backyard Chickens. And since then, I have published eight books in total with one more in the wings and sold over 1000 books, which completely surprises me, but I checked it today and it’s true. I am super stoked about this process. I am getting ready to retire from education, and I really was looking for something that would supplement my income that I could do from home. And that was just fun and inspiring to me, and I found that I’m just totally addicted to this process. I love publishing.

I follow the nonfiction process, and I just am excited to be publishing every day, every day I come up with new ideas and learn new things, and it’s just very, very exciting to me. I think a thousand books is proof of concept for me. I’m hooked and I can’t see myself doing anything else or enjoying anything else as much as I do this. So really thankful for this program. It’s been super fun.

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