What Melanie Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

I went from knowing nothing about starting a business and how to publish books in January to having 13 published today. I had no money to invest in ghostwriters etc. for nonfiction books but have learned to make my own puzzle books. First book upload was end of April. With the research and marketing skills I learned through KPI, I started Amazon adds in July and made $300 royalties, and in August, I made $920 royalties, and I’m on course to make slightly more than that this month. All the strategies work, I’ve learned so much and see leaving my 9 to 5 job in the future to work on my publishing business full time and sail with my husband.

I plan to use my revenue to invest in producing nonfiction and fiction books in the future, but I started with what I could do – low content and puzzle books and one quote book that’s doing well. The support and encouragement from KPI have been instrumental and amazing. Such a great training platform. More than half my profits come from one puzzle book. I nailed the formula! Got a New Best Seller banner for it for over a week! It was my dream to make a puzzle book generate over $2K sales in a month and I did it on my 3rd puzzle book.

From a great cover, picking the right keywords, amazon ads, A+ content, picking categories etc. It all works! Such fun to watch my numbers every day.

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