What Emma Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi there. My name is Emma and I’m a receptionist for a farm veterinary practice on the south coast of England. So I first came into contact with Sophie’s course when I was actually off sick from work and I was sort of scrolling onto Instagram. And I noticed an advert, and that was when I watched the video. And instantly, Sophie made me feel at home and I just loved her enthusiasm for business and it really did make me want to try something I’d been on the cusp for a while and wanted to get out of the nine to five and sort of have financial freedom as well, really.

So I’d actually, at that point, I was back at home with my parents. I had split with my ex-partner. And that was a year ago and I was still sort of struggling. I actually found spirituality and manifestation and the law of attraction, and I was finding at that point that those kind of things were pulling me out of a very deep hole that I’d gotten myself into.

And the course, I think it just sparked something in me that it was an idea I had to just get my feelings and solutions and things I’ve learned over the course of that time out into the world, really, and provide me with the knowledge to publish a book.

So at that point, I got in contact with a ghostwriter. I did a lot of research using Katie Spy actually, and realized there was a bit of a niche in the market for that kind of thing. There was a lot of breakup books on Amazon, but they didn’t have that twist with the spirituality manifestation, positive elements of self-help to really pull you out of that breakup. So I thought, “This is it. This is the time.” Something just told me this was the time.

So I worked with a ghostwriter. And I had some financial struggles first of all, but I muddled through and now I am getting my cover sorted. So I’m hoping for a publish in the new year, really. And no results for me yet, but the result really is just sort of looking at the bookshelf and thinking … everything encompassing that book has made me who I am today and got me out that bad place. And I can share that with the world now and I can help people in the same position as I was in.

So to someone considering the course, what I would say is Sophie is absolutely magical and she will give you a real kickstart to your journey. And you’re stronger than you know, and you can overcome anything, really. Thank you very much.

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