What Gabi Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Gigi and I’m originally from Europe. Almost 10 years ago, I made one of my dreams come true, and I migrated to beautiful New Zealand. It’s amazing here, I love it, and it also did bring on some challenges I didn’t have before.

Working a 9 to 5 didn’t allow me to visit my family and friends overseas as much as I wanted to. I had to spend almost all my money and holidays if I wanted to see them for just a few weeks, and it didn’t leave me a lot of time to explore other things and other places.

So a few years back, I started to research different options on how I could change that. I wanted to start selling products instead of my time, and I wanted to be able to work whenever and wherever I want, and be really flexible with my time so that I can do the fun things in life. I came across Sophie’s course back then, it was the one where she would teach us how to sell products on Amazon. I was still in the middle of getting settled in New Zealand at that point, and I wasn’t quite ready to jump straight into it.

So last year when I decided that it was now time to actually make a change, I did go and look her up again. I was a bit apprehensive because I am a little bit worried about the whole shipping situation in the world at the moment. But to my surprise, Sophie had an even better opportunity for me already. It’s called the Kindle Income Publishing Course, and it’s amazing. I’m only at the beginning of it right now, and I haven’t published a book yet. However, I am very, very excited about the opportunities, and the community that I have encountered in that program.

There is so many coaching sessions and Q&A sessions, and people are really reactive. If I ask a question via email, I always get an answer really, really quickly. I feel like I’m doing this for myself, but I’m not alone. And I do really believe that this can make all my dreams come true. So if you are thinking about this, why don’t you just jump in, and try it and join me, and see how we both can just make our dreams come true? I’m excited to see you there soon. Bye.

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