What Rebecca Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Rebecca Morris. I am from the state of Tennessee, USA. I found out about Sophie’s course on an ad on Instagram and went to the webinar and then signed up for the course. My challenges before the course are I’m retired and I’m only have social security, which allows me to survive, but not much more than that, so I wanted more income. And the course just seemed very doable. I didn’t have to learn a lot of technology that I really didn’t understand. Most of the technology, I kind of understood the basic concept of it, so that made it easier. What’s changed is my confidence level in myself. And not only that, but just my time management skills, where I am following this course on being on task, and I have things on my calendar or on my reminders on my phone. Just being very, yeah, much more confident in the way that I handle my time. And emotionally it’s made me feel really good about myself. I’m tackling this big thing and I will be successful at it. I will be successful at it. I have no doubt about that. And then it will be something that I can share with my family, which I’m really excited about and get them involved and maybe change their lives also.

So, I would like you to consider doing this because it’s very doable. The support is great, the teaching is great. If you have any questions, they respond within 24 hours. At least they have for me with any questions, and I’ve emailed several times. And Sophie answers questions during the live talk. Yes. Go sign up. It’s worth it. You can do it. It’s wonderful. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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