What Kelly Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, my name’s Kelly. I’m a British Army veteran, currently living in Dubai. I’ve always wanted to write my own books, I just didn’t know where to start. It was more of a pipe dream than a future career for me, until I was scrolling social media one day and just happened to fall upon this advert. I never look at adverts and it just captivating my attention.

As I watched the advert, I learned about Sophie, her career, and a lot resonated with me and I really was intrigued to learn more. So I hopped on, I learned a bit more about the topic, and before I knew it, I was signing up to the course. Saw Sophie’s success and realized that she really has produced this course so that everybody succeeds.

I love that everything’s in bite-size information packets. You follow everything to a T and you really will have no problems. She offers lessons learned. She offers details that most of the mentors probably never would give you. There’s templates that you can download and use for your business’ recommendations, for all different sources of information, and it just seems that the support never stops.

I loved the clear training sessions. I loved how it’s all processed out so you can refer back to it, almost like a library. It feels like she shares her entire business with you and just hands it to you to just go and produce your own book.

Now, I have the confidence to draft my own books and potentially a series of the future. I can’t wait to get all my ideas down on paper. If you’re considering this course after watching the advert, stop delaying. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t start sooner.

Thank you so much, Sophie.

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