What Oscia Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Oscia and I’m an architect. I found Sophie’s course when I was researching ideas for online businesses that could be a side hustle, and that’s because I’m building up towards early retirement. So don’t tell my boss, but I’m hoping to be able to step away from corporate life by the time I turn 45. And part of doing that is creating an alternative income stream for myself that supplements my traditional retirement savings. So, I was researching all of these business models and when I came across the idea of independently publishing books on Amazon, it really stood out because it was one of the very few business models that’s totally location independent,
does not require very many hours, and most importantly, to me, can be done when I have time and not done when I don’t have time.

So, it’s totally at my own, my own pleasure of when I choose to pursue it. I took the plunge with the course. I decided to pay for the shortcut of having somebody show me exactly how to do it, and I was pleasantly surprised. It really does lay out every step from ideation all the way through marketing of the book and everything in between with multiple examples, live screen capture, very easy to follow. So, I’m six months in now and I am proud to say I have seven books and all seven of those books actually sell because I learned how to understand what the market is interested in.

Six of those books, sell a few copies here and there, but consistently, and one of them sells every single day, seven days a week, a handful of copies. I’m pretty happy with that. And the other thing is it’s really fun. It’s something that feels like a hobby but is actually building up a portfolio of all of these small passive income streams that I can tell is going to build up to something pretty significant. My eighth one is this close. So, I’d say if you’re considering this course, I would endorse it.

If you are looking for a business model that is creative, that is location independent, and it is low risk, to be able to find all three of those things is a pretty tall order, and this is legitimately one of them. So, take the plunge because you could be publishing your first book in a matter of weeks. Good luck.

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