What  Holly Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, this is Holly from Columbus, Ohio. I found Sophie’s program while I was mindlessly scrolling, while sitting in an airport waiting for yet another delayed flight. I have to travel for work every other week, and it’s really incredibly frustrating having to leave my toddler and 10 year old and husband, but I do it so that they can have a better life. The thing is, is that I actually wanted to be part of their life and that better life that we were creating, but I was spending so much time on the road that just wasn’t happening. And through Sophie’s program, the systems that she delivered have allowed me to publish six books so far this year, and one of them I even published in conjunction with my 10 year old.

So, I’m building a legacy for him. He’s learning the same tools that I’m learning so that he can build this automated income for himself going forward. What I would tell anyone who’s looking at this program is if you commit to it, you will build assets and you can accomplish whatever you’re looking to do.

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