What Kristi Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Kristi Stevens, and I’m from a very small town in Idaho. Through my life, I’ve discovered that life is like a string of beads. Sometimes we put that string of beads together and we create a beautiful necklace. Sometimes we put that string together, but have to tear it apart because it’s just not coming out the way we expected. And then sometimes we drop that string of beads, beads go everywhere, and we scramble to find the next step. And when we put those beads back together, sometimes we find something even more beautiful. Recently, my string of beads was interrupted because I quit my job and took care of my parents. Well, they were very ill, and within three weeks of each other, they both passed away. And so I was looking for a new string of beads. So my next string, I found a video online of Sophie one night while I was on the internet.

And she gave me a guide as to what my next string of beads is going to look like. So I started watching Sophie’s videos, got into the K Express program, which is awesome. I have a lot of extra encouragement, and now I think I’m going to create the most beautiful string of beads I have ever strung. So I’m just beginning in my journey as a Kindle publisher, but this string of beads should be wonderful and create something really beautiful. Thank you, Sophie, for building that pattern for all of us to build a beautiful string of beads.

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