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Hi, I’m Simon Young, author of Reboot Yourself, available from rebootyourselfbook.com. So Reboot Yourself is my first book ever, and so I’m really excited to be publishing that. The reason I have got to this stage is because of Sophie Howard’s Kindle Publishing Income course. So I’ve been a writer all my life, magazines, newspapers, you name it, I’ve written it except for books. So people have always asked me, when are you going to publish your first book? And I’ve known self-publishing is available, anyone can be a publisher, but it takes a lot of time and effort and energy to focus in on how to do the business of publishing.

So when my wife introduced me to Sophie Howard’s Kendall Publishing Income course this year, I discovered a fast track to publishing. I discovered not only that I didn’t have to be a writer, I am, which is great, but if you are not, that’s okay. You can hire, you can assemble, you can project manage a team to create your book and sell it on Kindle. Not only that, you can use keyword research and they teach you quite in quite a lot of detail the research terms that you need to find out where is the demand, what is your audience actually looking for and meet that demand.

So it’s transformed my business. It’s helped me find a new direction that really matches the skills in the background that I’ve come from. And I’m just so grateful to Sophie for creating the course and Sophie’s team. So every week you get a Q&A and you get a coaching call. There’s a lot, there’s a ton of data that if you give yourself to pay attention, it will fast track you into this publishing empire. So yeah, thank you, Sophie. Thank you, team, and to you considering this, go for it. This is your time to build your publishing empire. Thanks very much and don’t forget, rebootyourselfbook.com.
Thanks very much.

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