What Kim Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi guys. I’m Kim Henderson. I’m from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and I’m just jumping on here for the competition because today I just launched my first eBook and downloading my hard cover and paperback today as well. So, waiting for that to come. I’ve had one sale today of my eBook, but it just so excited to actually have a book done and up and on there.

Sophie, your course was amazing. I was a little bit timid at the start because I didn’t have a lot of money behind me. And I know that I actually emailed you guys to say, “Hey, I think I might have to cancel.” And then I just really thought about it and thought, “You know what? I’m putting the money into something that I thought was going to be really good.” So, I’m just going to follow it and go with it. And I found ways to fit it in with my busy life.

I’m a baker here owning my own cookie company. So, I work from home, but I was looking for a way to make a bit of a passive income and also love writing. So, I’ve actually written a bit of this first book. So, I haven’t actually followed the whole thing of getting a ghost writer in that. I’ve actually done the work myself. So, it’s taken a little bit more time, but I’ve absolutely loved it. I would not have been able to create a book and put it out there if not through this system.

And I’m looking forward to trying to do it the other way with the ghost writer and seeing the different types of books that I can put up. And my daughter’s even interested in doing some children’s books so, it’s very exciting. So, on first day, got one sale, but I’m so excited about learning about the next steps with the course. It is really great here. I’m thinking, “Oh, what do I do next?” Oh, just jump back into the course and I’ll check that out and always answers my questions. So, just really excited about it, but yay. I did it.

Thanks guys. Thanks Sophie. See you.

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