What Clacier Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, I’m Clacier Paciente, a mother of three children. I work in project controls for a gas infrastructure company in Australia. I had wanted to start my own online business as a side hustle, but I doubted myself if I could ever do it because I really didn’t know how and where to start. I was also worried if I could ever have the time to do it, considering the demands of family and work, but I knew I have to take action to get results. So, I started looking for an online course that can teach me how to jumpstart an online business, that doesn’t demand a lot of my time. I stumbled into Sophie’s ad on YouTube as she caught my attention when she started talking about creating digital assets that generate passive income, that doesn’t demand a lot of your time. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

The course is very comprehensive and easy to follow. And it is true, it doesn’t require a lot of your time once you know how to do it. You will be guided all through the process and you will get a lot of support from Sophie and her team. The community is fantastic and I made friends from different parts of the world who are on the same journey as me. Sophie’s course has changed my life. I was able to achieve the goal of having an online business that generate a passive income that can support my retirement plan and my philanthropic works. So, I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to do the same. So, get started. Remember, action creates results. Bye.

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