What Kenneth Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Kenneth MacNeil and I’m from Scotland. My background of employment is in project management and various director’s roles. I heard about Sophie’s KPI and KX10 courses from Facebook links, as I was previously part of the Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy. I have always been interested in becoming an author-publisher and the KPI module of courses, training, and support provided by Sophie’s team was ideal for starting on that road via digital products on the Amazon KDP website.

At the end of 2021, my company went into administration, due to the impact from COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, in January 2022, I was unemployed. I needed to find another career challenge. But this time, in something which I felt I was going to be within my control and something that really interested me personally. I joined the KPI and KX10 programs in January 2022. I spent the first six weeks on the KPI basic training and advanced KX10 master classes to fully understand the processes.

I then spent two weeks researching and assessing the viability of the chosen first non-fiction book subject matter, whereby I raised the initial order on The Urban Writers in the early March. The KX10 done-for-you book was completed in three and a half months, and I published on the 12th of June. To date, the done-for-you book has total royalty sales of $32.75 in just two weeks, with four paperbacks and three Kindle versions sold.

At the same time, I also created a children’s book on The Urban Writers and, to date, this has had sales of $21.99 in royalties. And this is through two paperbacks and two Kindle versions sold so far. The two books overall have sold six paperbacks and five Kindle versions with total royalties of $54.73. And at the same time, while The Urban Writers were creating my two books, I looked at creating low content and a range of activity books. And since the middle of February, I have developed 62 books, all published on Amazon KDP. And then, since starting KPI and KX10 courses, I have overall total sales of 156 books and five Kindle versions, with the overall royalties of $318 to date.

I feel I’ve now achieved the goal of becoming a successful author and publisher in a very short period of time with the support of the KPI team. And the accelerated KX10 program which has a thorough 13 step process to follow, and makes the process easy to understand and meet my targets. I’m very pleased with the outcomes and I’m looking forward to adding a series of books to the non-fiction book and the children’s book, while continuing to develop low content and activity books. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about being an author-publisher to consider joining the KPI and KX10 courses as they provide a lot of valuable guidance and support throughout all the steps involved in publishing your first book. Good luck.

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