What Denise Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name’s Denise, and for years I’ve been an IT architect. I’ve also owned several businesses, but nothing really made any money. Instead, I was working myself to the bone, and spending money I didn’t have, to pay for inventory, and shipping, and ads.

One day my sister asked me, to help her publish an ebook, so I went online, and I started researching how to publish these eBooks. Suddenly, an ad from Sophie Howard popped up, talking about publishing books on Amazon, and I watched the entire video, which is really rare for me, on ads, because Sophie was believable, she was down to earth, and according to the research that I just finished doing, she knew what she was talking about, so I decided to take a chance on it, and I’m so glad I did.

I was impressed by the detail in each of the training modules. Almost as soon as I came up with the question, the module’s video was answering it. I liked that she gave examples, then she gave templates, and after teaching us what we needed at that phase, she encouraged us to go and do it ourselves. Oh my goodness. Yes.
I love the weekly Q and A sessions. They’re invaluable in helping me find information, that’s specific to my journey, and the weekly trainings are an amazing resource, in helping me solidify what I’ve learned, and then to even go deeper into the information.

I’ll be publishing my first three eBooks within the next 45 days. I’m so excited, I’m loving what I’m doing, I’m energized and I’m about to reap the rewards. It’s changed my entire outlook on my working life. I can see an end to the same old drudgery, that I’ve had for years, and I’m already getting interested in my books. They aren’t even published yet. The sky’s the limit.

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