What David Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello, my name’s David Mitchell and I live in Melbourne in Australia. And thanks to Sophie Howard, I do Kindle Publishing. I used to be an academic and that was a terrific job, but I used to have to get up at six o’clock in the morning and catch the train. I was back late at night, didn’t see my family as much as I’d like, and I used to travel overseas quite a bit.

So, when I finished as an academic, I was really looking for something to do that was home based, that I could spend time with my family, that was flexible. And so with help from Sophie Howard, I’ve really got that, because I’ve now published two puzzle books and I’ve got a science activity book that’s… The photography’s done for two books. It’s going through editing. It’s about to be published, the first one, with the second one to follow soon after.

And also I’m just going to duck here, because I’m now on holidays in beautiful, tropical Cairns. And doing this book publishing has allowed me to do this, to be in places like this with my family, but still knowing that my books are being done and they’re underway. So, Sophie and her team are terrific. They’ve given great support. They’ve got great resources. And I really encourage anybody who’s looking at doing Kindle Publishing to go through Sophie and her team. And of course, thank you.

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