What Shahrnaz Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi Sophie, Shahri Rafi here from Sydney, Australia. I’m a lawyer by profession. I joined your program because I was looking for an alternative or passive source of income for a number of reasons and however, I was always hesitant because I don’t see myself as somebody who has the mindset of running an online business because I’ve always been an academic person and I’ve always studied and I have a small law firm and it’s a bit challenging from different perspectives, different reasons for me to run an online business while I need a passive source of income. At the same time, the idea of book writing was always sounded to me or something a challenge that I thought I can never overcome while I was interested in book writing. I thought maybe you have to be highly knowledgable, you have to have like specializations in different areas to be able to even think bout writing books. Although I love audible, I listen to audible, I have two boys and I just play it when I cook, clean, do whatever and I listen to books. But I guess your programs helped me overcome that fear. Your new programs has made it seem so like admitted it’s impossible that anyone can share their knowledge to the world, whatever they know, their life experiences, or somebody that they know they can write a bio about, and the whole idea of having ghostwriter; people who can help you navigate through the process had never ever crossed my mind. Nobody had told me about it. And Sophie, you are such a charismatic woman. You’re a great teacher, you know how to deliver than what you know and your programs are really well designed, very well structured. It speaks well to anybody who literally has an interest in to book writing or somebody who has no knowledge or basic knowledge about it but I guess it makes it sound really easy and possible to write books and that is something that I’m exploring and I’m quite interested to explore and I hope I can still overcome that challenge at this stage in life that I am at. To kind of navigate to this journey and your program and your courses has truly helped me to overcome that challenge and to understand that anyone can write books, thank you.

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