What Sue Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, this is to say thank you to Sophie and her team for the Kindle Publishing Income Program, KPI for short. My name is Sue Jenkins and my journey as a student so far. So I’ve made $838 U.S dollars based on a $2 royalty payment makes it around just over 400 sales to date in just under 14 weeks. So that book, just the one book, it is consistently earning me $200 a month. So I’m pretty stoked about that, given that I don’t do anything for it, I’ve just uploaded it onto Kindle and it’s pretty well taken care of itself. So what is my book? It is a hundred page, A5, so it’s only little book which has 92 pages of lined paper, lined blank paper, and eight pages of written content. So it is very, very basic book. I also created the design of that book based on a template.

So it really is nothing special. It is a very simple book. However, it’s niche. It’s got a really, really great niche and this is what Sophie teaches you. So how long did it take me to create the book? It took me about a day. A day in order to research the niche, choose a topic and do some research and then probably another day to be able to create the design, write it all up and to upload it onto Kindle. So around two days that book took me to make me $838 U.S. dollar to date. Okay. So with that, I honestly did not believe that book would ever sell. I thought to myself, “Wow, who would read anything that I’d write?” Well, I certainly was per and wrong with it. And six weeks later after I launched it, I found that the book was selling and selling very well on its own without any interference from me.

So I was really quite surprised by that and how to do it just on that niche. It’s really pretty simple with Kindle. Kindle is a lot more straightforward to any online business out there. It’s very simple, because there is work to do, and it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It is very much a permanent income as long as you do it right. And you get that help to do it right the first time. At the end of the day, you write something that somebody else finds really, really, really helpful. I’ve got now 14 reviews, mostly five star, which means there’s 14 strangers out there that I’ve touched their lives through my writing. And so they give back to me by leaving a positive review. So there really isn’t anything quite so nice that you could really say you’ve made a difference in the world. It’s so nice to be able to experience that. And yeah, it’s the fun thing is that you get to do it over and over and over again.

So what are my next plans? My next plan is to release a miniseries. Not release. I haven’t made it yet, but I’m going to do that. And that’ll be hopefully all uploaded onto Kindle by the end of November. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’m working in the similar niche to what my first book, my first and only book is in and I figure to myself, well, one book made me $200 a month and of course that’s profit, that’s pure profit. So if I had 10 of those books, then I’d earn $2,000 a month. If I had a hundred of those books, I’d have $20,000 a month income. So I’m going to work towards that.

And I honestly I’ve had, I can’t recall having so much fun doing work because this really pays. This really pays off and you get progress really quickly. You get those results in weeks rather than say months with other sort of online businesses. Anyway, thank you for listening and thank you Sophie. And thank you to the Kindle team. You’ve just been amazing. Thank you for watching. God bless. Buh-Bye.

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