What Nicole Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello. My name is Nicole Rice, and I have been a high school technology teacher for the last 28 years here in upstate New York. I also own a Lakeside marina business that I founded with my husband in 1994. When he came across Sophie Howard online one day, I was just looking for another way to make a flow of income when I retire in two years. I just liked the way Sophie said things, and it wasn’t just about somebody, but it was about making a regular flow of income by selling books on Amazon just like she was.

All this stuff I could do and fit into about two hours a day. My two daughters had moved 2,600 miles away to California for opportunities, and I wanted to be able to travel in style and visit them anytime I wanted in retirement. A lot of other side income ideas just scared me. And the more I heard about the Kindle publishing income program and how you could Zoom one-on-one with the KX 10 coaches, I felt like I could do it too.

Books that we do for you will be stellar.

I joined the KX 10 program in March 2021 and three months later in May 2021, I published my first book. Does your teen TALK? No, but they Text, Snap, & TikTok. I put a lot of cartoons and humor in there to help parents survive having a teenager in their life. In the first month, I made $400 and now that I have five star reviews, my sales are going up. On the Publisher Rocket software, it predicts that I will make $1,600 a month in sales as I grow.

What’s up I’m Jolie. I live in sunny California, and I proofread all of my mom’s books.

I really think without the KX 10 program, I would’ve stopped at one book, but in about six weeks, I will have four additional books up on Amazon for sale. A trip to California costs me about $800 round trip. And that’s what my new book business means to me.

I am a normal, real life, high school teacher. Everyone has something to share. If I can do this, you can too. If you are looking for a new means of income and a new mindset doing something right from your own home, where you reach people all over the world, then Sophie Howard’s KX 10 program is right for you.

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