What Muhjah Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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This is Muhjah Marshall. And I want to take this moment to thank Sophie and the KPI team for all the work that you do. And I realize how genuine you all are and how committed you are to ensuring our success. You know, when I started my KPI journey earlier this year, right at the beginning, my family, and in-laws, nine of them, were struck down by COVID after a mother’s day event. They all eventually recovered, except my son-in-law who after almost four months of being in the hospital, passed away at the age of 44. In the midst of that devastation, I was really surprised at how many KPI people reached out to me. Coaches I had never spoken to. People I didn’t know. And they were so genuine in their heartfelt condolences. And the thing I heard the most was their assurance that they would be there for me when I’m ready to get back on my path. And I just want to thank you all for that because that seems so unusual. This is a business program, but you all treat us like we’re family and that’s awesome. This weekend, you had a virtual bootcamp, which at first I wasn’t going to participate because I didn’t think I would understand much of it, because I haven’t been a part of it. But after watching a lot of those videos, hearing Sophie, hearing CJ and the teachers talk, I realized that there is something out there for me. What happened during that virtual bootcamp guys, is you gave me hope, something I haven’t had in a long time because I know that when I’m ready, I’m going to succeed because you guys are committed to our success. So I want to thank you for bringing back that hope something I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you Sophie. Thank you, CJ. Thank you, Virginia. Thank you, all of you who a lot of names, I don’t know. Thank you.

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