What Marianne Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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I’m Marianne and I am based in the UK and I’ve been doing Sophie’s course for about six months and I am loving it. Before the pandemic, I had a small business, a retail shop, and ran craft workshops, but where I lived really remote and the business just never restarted. We lost quite a lot of our visitors afterwards, so I really needed to find a way of working online where I could work from anywhere and also where I could just access customers globally and really this Amazon Kindle book Publishing is perfect and Sophie’s course I found online seemed to really fit the bill with everything that I needed to learn.
I did try right before I started her course, I tried publishing a couple of books on Amazon, but obviously once I sold ’em to all my family and friends, then that’s it. My sales just bombed.

I didn’t know anything about publishing online, so really Sophie’s course. I was hoping that it would help me learn about publishing, that it would give me some information about what to do, but it’s been amazing. It’s given me so much more information, support. The coaches are so knowledgeable. They all work in the industry, and Sophie herself is so open and honest about her business.

She’s shared these ideas. She’s so inspirational and it’s really gone over and above my expectations. I’ve applied all of my lessons and learning to my original books that are now making sales, and I’ve also got new books that I’m just now launching online, and I know what I’m doing. I’ve got a strategy and I’ve made that investment not just in my business, but I took the step to make that investment in myself. And that is the advice that I would give you is if you really want to invest in your business or yourself and have access to information that you just can’t get online, then you really do need to look at and signing up with Sophie’s course. It’s been brilliant and I am really excited about where it’s taking me for my future.

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