What Laura Waters Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name’s Laura Waters and I am from Portland, Oregon. And I had the pleasure of coming across Sophie’s Instagram or Facebook, one of her many commercials I’ve seen being advertised. And it was perfect timing. I had just lost my job actually the day before, and she was having a webinar on her K P I business, and I signed up for a 7:00 AM course to listen and I was hooked. I’ve been very unhappy for many years doing the same thing. I’ve been in project management and working in the corporate world for
many years, and this was just an opportunity of me. I’ve been open to learning and wanting something different, and I’ve always had a very creative part of myself that I haven’t been able to utilize in the careers businesses that I’ve been doing. And I saw the light, and the light was, I want to try it.

What do I have to lose? And I did also sign up for the express Coaching program, of which I believe has really elevated me to the next level. And my commitment into getting into this program was not to do this as a hobby. I really want to build this as a business. This is a business for me, and I’m having so much fun. I love putting on this creative hat every day. I’m hardly even sleeping because I have so many different things going through my mind, and it’s fun. I’m having a ton of fun. So if I can encourage anyone who is looking for something different, who wants to be challenged every day, who wants to live outside the box and live outside other people having control of your destiny, then I would welcome you to trying something like this because it really can fill you. It can fill your cup. So thank you Sophie, and thank you to all of the wonderful
coaches and team members that you have because you have changed my life and I’m forever grateful. And I have published already two books and I have one more that is going to be done here real shortly. And they’ve been wonderful passion projects, so I am just looking forward to continuing this journey. Thank you so much.

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