What Toni Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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My name is Toni. I live in New Zealand. I work part-time as an administrator and I publish books on the Kindle digital publishing platform. First came across an ad on Facebook for Sophie’s course, and after watching it, I was really intrigued. Sophie made it sound so easy for anyone, even if you had zero publishing knowledge. I love the fact that there was a money-back guarantee for that peace of mind. Honestly, since starting the course, I’ve never looked back. I love the course content. The tutors are all wonderful and really helpful. There’s always somebody there to help you with any of the queries that you may have, either on the Q&A videos or help desk. Sophie and her team guide you step by step on how to create and publish a book from the outline right through to publishing on Amazon. Before I started Sophie’s course, I never imagined I’d own my own publishing business.

Now it has become a reality for me. If I can do it, anyone can. Reading a great review on the book that you’ve created and watching the sales rise is a really great feeling. The main attraction of the course for me and the ultimate goal is to have financial freedom to be able to leave my day job and to concentrate 100% on my Kindle digit digital publishing business. Sophie and her team equip you with the skills and tools to enable this to become a reality. Since signing up to Sophie’s course, I have a newfound sense of achievement and confidence. Since April, my life has changed enormously. I’ve published 23 books, and that’s just the beginning. For anyone looking at Sophie’s ads wondering, is this for real? I totally encourage you all to click on the links and give it a go, and you won’t regret it.

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