What Susan Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi. My name is Sue. I’m from Sydney, Australia. I am a nurse and registered midwife and a shift worker and I work quite long hours. I was looking for a work from home opportunity or a sideline to help me earn a little bit of money on my own, create my own income stream so that I could cut my hours down and maybe enjoy life a little bit more, which has been a little bit tricky of late. I learned about Sophie’s online opportunity with Kindle books through researching for online businesses. Having previously written a children’s book, which didn’t sell for a lot of reasons, I felt attracted to that opportunity that Sophie was offering. Some of the challenges prior to finding this course was getting quite tired from working very long hours and looking for some more lifestyle and some independence so that I could enjoy life a little bit more and spend more time with my family.

That’s why I decided that I would try and start a Kindle business. What changed through doing Sophie’s course was learning so much. The online videos were so helpful. The weekly online tutorials, so helpful. The masterclasses, immensely helpful. Working one-on-one with a successful coach, amazing. Learning about changing your mindset, amazing. Learned so much. It’s made a very big difference to the way I look at how I need to set myself up to have a successful business from home to the point where I have successfully published my book. I really enjoyed that whole process, working with ghost writers, creating a team. It was just so much fun. I can’t thank Sophie enough having helped me get there.

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