What Steve Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Well, I’m currently living in the Seattle area. That’s actually Mount Baker behind me, which is a little bit north of Seattle. But have lived in the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest my whole life. I’ve spent times outside of it, but have always come back. Married, have three grown kids, have three granddaughters, 73 years old and retired, and now doing Kindle Publishing. Prior to going into the Kindle program, I was also connected with Amazon products. But the reason that I was doing Amazon products is because of the fact that I was retired, but living on social security alone. And for me, that just wasn’t going to work. Yes, I was making all my bills, but I couldn’t travel. I didn’t have financial freedom. I didn’t have time freedom, and I didn’t have location freedom. So those are all reasons why I decided to start along this path.

I was drawn to Amazon training and Blue Sky through Sophie’s interviews and videos. And while doing that, she started talking about Kindle, and she said, “Kindle is easier than the product side. It is faster than the product side in the turnaround.” And so both of those were something that interested me and I wanted to test it out for myself. I joined the program and really started going in August. And I took a trip with Sophie and a bunch of coaches as a part of the AX10 program down to Las Vegas. And it was coming back from Las Vegas that I really got going. I hit a second gear and got busy. So as you know, the program has a Done For You book. And along with the Done For You book, their suggestion was to have nine other books to go along with that.

And while I don’t have nine, I do have a total of six books that are currently being either outlined or written. I wanted a particular ghost writer, and their availability wasn’t until the end of November. So they’re not starting until the end of November. And that’s the first book in a three book series right now, but it will probably expand to more than three books. I also have three other standalone nonfiction books. One is starting in a couple of days with a ghost writer, one’s half done, and one’s still in the outline process. So that’s where I’m at, but I’ve been very, very happy with the system. I was actually surprised at what I thought was how little work I was doing, and then they were able to write an outline over the information that I gave them. And it became a much more viable product or project.

The first book that’s going to be ready, is going to be ready somewhere around the first couple of weeks of November. After that, then it goes through formatting and it goes through editing and getting a cover, and doing all of the marketing for a book launch. As a matter of fact, we’ve got a training tomorrow and in next week that are all dealing with the marketing end. So what I’ve got in the hopper right now is really what I’ve got in the hopper. And I’ll learn about the marketing with what I’ve got. I’m only following the system that’s in place. And all the credit goes to Sophie and the system that she’s put into place. And also, aside from that, is I would not be here, were it not for the phenomenal coaches that are a part of the program.

Yeah. Not only has there been excellent knowledge by the coaches, but there’s been a really giving and generous spirit that they’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the student flourishes. I think my best tip would be to take what you learn and put it to practice, implement it immediately. Implement what’s been and given to you, and then get to the next stage and implement again. For me, it was a surprise and a pleasant one at that, to find out that not only did I know how to do this intrinsically, but I was having fun doing it. Yes, it was work, but it was fun. And I feel as though I’ve really come full circle into something that I was meant to do.

And I would also like to bring up the fact that I was probably three weeks into this whole program when I realized that I already had a couple of books in the pipe. And I recognized that I had the same serendipity moment with my business, that I saw that Sophie was having with hers. She talks about, it’s almost like Christmas morning and she’s opening up a package. And I felt that same serendipity on a Friday afternoon. And what I can tell you is that with more books added to that stream, it gets to feel more like solid ground. And that’s what’s encouraging to me.

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