What Sharon Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hello. My name is Sharon Wood. I live on the sunny Sunshine Coast in Australia. I worked in mental health and disabilities and I run my own Airbnb. It was a dream to always write a book and I saw Sophie’s ad on Facebook. It’s really been quite a pivotal moment for me actually because it’s turned that dream into a reality. Sophie’s course has been amazing. It has given me not only the tools that I needed to do this course to write a book and to get to the end, but she’s given me inspiration. I love her motivational stuff and her practical tips on the mental aspect of writing a book and overcoming obstacles.

And when you hit a wall, have a little hissy fit and then get on with it because it’s better than digging ditches. So many things that Sophie said came back to me when I was a little bit overwhelmed or wasn’t sure where I was going to go and I’ve done it. My book was sent off yesterday for formatting. After four months I’ve written this book. I would highly recommend to anybody that wants to write that they do Sophie’s course. I have met a number of people that have written a book and it’s on the shelf, or that they’ve even put it on Amazon and not actually known what I have learned in this brief time through Sophie’s course that enables us to do a good job, not just to write a book but actually to be successful with it.

I’m trusting that it’s going to be successful. Very excited. I’m very excited for the future. I love, love, love writing. It gives me a lot of joy and I look forward to it being a career. I really highly recommend this course. Thank you so much, Sophie. Yes.

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