What Rose Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi. I’m Theresa. I’m a learning and development specialist in New Zealand. I first heard about Sophie’s course earlier this year. I was drawn to it because I’d been looking for a way to increase my income and, in particular, try and create a passive income. Also, wanted to do something that was quite new and fresh. Being such a book lover, this was the ideal opportunity for me. Not long after I started working on my first book, I was made redundant. And so, I had the opportunity to jump in and work full-time on my book business. It’s been a real life saver for me. It’s given me back my confidence and seeing my first book being launched has just been amazing. The strategies that Sophie’s put in place for us have just been so helpful with the course. The step by step nature of the course has made it really easy to follow. And you can always go back and look at things if you need to see them again.

Following the marketing strategy, for example, was fantastic. I was a little unsure about giving my book away for five days, but Sophie was absolutely right. Amazon really do love to see that activity that comes in those first few days. So my book was downloaded by over a hundred people all around the world, and I’ve started to get some reviews in already, which has been really exciting, because so far they’ve all got five stars. My book is currently sitting at number one in one of the categories for new releases and it’s sitting at number 12, alongside a lot of the others, in one of the categories as well. So I’m feeling really positive about the future. So if you are looking for a way to increase your income and still have time to spend with family, not having to be at the office every hour, I would strongly recommend jumping in and having a go. Good luck.

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