What Ros Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Ros Boundy, Psychic Medium. It’s about a year since I started the KPI, the Kindle Publishing Income course that’s been run by Sophie Howard. I first found out about it on Facebook where I was seeing these adverts, and then there was just one instance where I thought, “Oh, that does look interesting.” Because my father had written a couple of books, I thought, “Well, I’m going to have a look.” It intrigued me and signed up straight away from then, and that was last year, just around this time.

It has taken me a little bit of time to get rolling with it because I want to learn this thoroughly, running it well and knowing what I was doing. I have published my first book. I’m getting there, and I’ve already got the second book up and running, and it’s that process of once you learn something, you’re going to become a lot more in tune with the process.

I’ve wanted to do this because there is so many different possibilities. What’s changed for me from doing the course is self-confidence in learning the new skills and patience, negotiation in the use of the different formats that we can use for doing the work, whether it’s the Urban Writers or whether it’s Fiverr or something else for the various aspects of doing the books, writing them, getting them created, and now publishing. Having that sort of assistance, it’s all wonderful lessons to learn as I’m moving along that pathway. I’m really, really enjoying it.

The results, well, there hasn’t been many sales yet, but that’s because I haven’t actually advertised it yet. Thought I’d take the first book very slowly to sneak into it.

As far as recommending the course, I’d say definitely doing the KPI course, it’s a wonderful adventure. I’ve been loving the journey and continuing in some form, whatever might be on offer next. I did take up the next level, so I think it’s just been wonderful. Considerate it. Just take the first step, do the KPI course and see what you think.

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