What Roopa Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi everyone. My name is Roopa and I’m from Melbourne. I joined Sophie’s KDP course back in November last year, and I’ve launched three books as part of the basic course. One is a Gratitude Journal, a low content book. The second one is a book on inspirational African-American heroes, and that’s been ghost-written and launched in both eBook and paperback formats. The third book is a medium content book on guided goal-setting journal for two years. That is also live at the moment in paperback format. The fourth book is something that I am in the process of launching. I joined the KXN program and the fourth book is a done for you book. It has been written and at the moment being edited. The fifth one, I’ve got the idea ready to go and I’m currently looking in our books for a ghostwriter to pick it up and start the writing process. So totally three books published and live and the fourth and the fifth book are in the train, in the process of getting completed and published.

I am looking forward to establishing a passive income stream by way of the book publishing business. And I’m looking forward to this journey. I would also like to add that I’ve also been on the product’s site. I am a student of Sophie’s product site, and I’ve launched two products successfully so far. Thank you, Sophie and team for helping me and many of the students grow and succeed. Thank you.

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