What Ramachandran Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Ramachandran Gouthaman. I’m from Darwin, Australia, and I’m currently working as program manager for [inaudible]. I heard about Sophie’s course firstly via a YouTube promotional ad. What got me really interested was it was genuine and needed less investment and less risk adverse to start up a new company that will provide passive income.

I have always been looking to earn passive income, and not just relying on my professional eight to five job, mainly to attain both time and financial freedom. To elaborate more on the time and financial freedom, what I mean by that is to have quality time upbringing my two daughters, by providing them best and better education, and also spend quality life with my entire family. Kindle Publishing business will be my first business, which I always dreamt for nearly 15 years now, to have my own business and to be my own boss. I initially joined the Kindle Publishing Income program, that is the KPI program, and within a month, recently joined the K Express program to gain more speed, momentum, one-on-one coaching, to publish my first book as quickly as possible, and also to publish many more books to come to attain my initial goal of 25,000 a month passive income. This will also supplement my final goal, which I described prior, to have time and financial freedom in life as quickly as possible. Thanks.

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