What Pumza Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi. My name is Pumza and I’m from Cape Town in South Africa. I first heard about the KPI program from Facebook. What attracted me to it, was the possibility of working at my own time, at my own space and also being able to provide for my family. I had to resign for my job because of working in a very toxic work environment. I applied for various job in my field with no success at all. I guess, because of COVID companies were not hiring. Instead, people were losing their jobs. And also coming from a country that has a very, very high unemployment rate, it was a challenge for me to secure a job immediately.

So it made a lot of sense for me to join this program. And after joining, I can say that I’m very excited about the future, about the prospect. And I’m also excited for the fact that, I’ll be able to continue being with my family, working in my space and spending more time with them. Helping my kids with homework and also goodbye to working under a boss and all that boss stresses. I can say to anyone and everyone who’s thinking about joining, that I wish them all the good luck and the success in their next chapter. Thank you.

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