What Polly Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Everybody, my name’s Polly and I’m talking to you today from Newcastle, Australia. I’m a student of Sophie’s Kindle Direct Publishing course. I’m a mother with two little kids and I’m happy to say I’ve just resigned my job. Yay. I was a child protection case worker for the past 10 years. I was on maternity leave due to go back two months ago and I resigned. Yay.

So I have been studying with Sophie since my youngest child was seven weeks old. I made a decision myself that I didn’t want to go back to the corporate career and if I was going to leave my children, I wanted to leave them for a job that I really loved. So I started researching different business models and different ways to make money from home, stumbled across Sophie’s product course, enrolled, love it, but I’ve also jumped over to do the Kindle Direct Publishing course as well.

So for my husband and I, we love to travel. We are actually going to London next year and our goal is to have this business up and running, making good passive income by April next year. I’m happy to say that I’ve now made $2,000 in book royalties, US dollars, not Australian dollars, so a little bit more. I’ve published maybe five books, two which weren’t amazing, but the other three have been selling really well. I find the Kindle Direct Publishing course to be really manageable in terms of I tend to do my work, my children are sleep or in the evenings. I don’t want to be working while I’m caring for my children. So it’s in different parts of my life.

Since studying with Sophie, I’ve really realized that there’s a lot easier ways to make money than simply going to work, dollars for hours. Ugh. I’m happy to say I won’t be returning to that in the near future. So my advice to anyone who is sitting on the fence about whether or not they should jump in and give this a go, why not? You might do really well at it. And my advice is to follow everything that they tell you in the course. Sometimes I went a little bit off-script and did something a little bit different, but Sophie has been there and done that. The teachers are amazing. And why not? Might just be incredible. Thank you.

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