From Sales Rep To Best Seller: How Pippa Faced Imposter Syndrome to Pursue Her Life Long Dream

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Hi, my name is Pippa. I’m a sales rep from Australia. My dream has always been to be a happiness coach. I feel like I have a mind full of information and experience that I want to share with the world. I feel that being happy, being genuinely happy is something that a lot of people need help with. And it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never known whether I should do coaching or courses. Nothing has really felt right to me, but then I saw Sophie’s ad on Facebook for doing the eBooks on Amazon. After doing my due diligence, I dived right into Sophie’s course, because I felt that this was the way that I was going to get my message out to the world. Doing Sophie’s course, I absolutely had to step out of my comfort zone. I grew enormously, I learned new skills and it has just been the most fabulous experience.

I absolutely learned how to publish a paperback, an eBook, and an audio book on Amazon. And with the course content and the support from Sophie’s fabulous team, I feel like I have every opportunity for success. I published my first book in June and my second book is almost ready to be published. So I’m thrilled that I’ve become my mission to get my message across to the world, to help people to be happy. Sophie’s course has given me a way to live my purpose and for my side hustle to be my passion. And I feel like I’ve really been set off for a soaring success and I’m absolutely thrilled about that.

Being my first month, I can’t vouch for monetary income, but I am confident that with the tools and support that I do have from Sophie’s course, I will be successful. So if you’re looking for a side hustle, or you’d like to replace your job, or you need to increase your income, or you want to get a message out to the world, or you just love reading and writing, don’t delay, this is a fabulous opportunity and it really is an excellent course. You won’t be disappointed. You can do it, and you’ll be amazing at it. Go for it.

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