Breaking Free from the 9-to-5 Grind: How Phil Found A New Career Path In Self-Publishing

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Hello there. My name’s Phil and I live in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, which really is paradise with good coffee. And until the start of 2022, I have been a teacher in a number of industries, business and education primarily. Now, I heard about Sophie’s course when I was out for a walk, listening to YouTube videos. And her advert really grabbed my attention. I hear a lot of adverts on YouTube, but I think I must have really been ready to hear Sophie’s this time. The idea of publishing books and making a residual income really appealed to me. I showed my wife, Allie, the KPI video, and we enrolled that night. We then saw the promo for the KX10 supported program, with all the online learning, a done-for-you book, along with comprehensive group and one-on-one coaching. We considered our options and our financial position carefully. And in the end it was a bit of a no-brainer. We just jumped in, boots and all.

I’d always wanted to have what my wife and I called income generators. We’ve tried many types of investments to do this over the years without much success. But this idea of investing in our future through self-publishing, and establishing a Kindle business, put more control into our hands. Also, my job was coming to a close, for reasons out of my control. And I had to find a new career path. Additionally, I have had some serious health challenges, which have made me reevaluate how to move forward and not be tied to a 9:00 to 5:00 desk job. And the KX10 program seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

So since starting Sophie’s course, I’ve successfully published my first book already on a topic that I’m really passionate about. Woohoo. And I have two more books in the series already in production. How good is that? I am so genuinely excited about seeing it actually starting to happen, while I’m still on the course. I’ve taken what the course has provided and made it fit for me. I have to say it is so good to look at the early book sales, starting already. And think about how I can improve those results as I keep learning more and more and more. This KX10 program provides a comprehensive learning platform with brilliant, personable, and on the ball coaching support. An unexpected benefit has been networking with fellow students, that will extend well beyond the course. So if you’re seriously considering a life change by enrolling in this course, do it.

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