What Paul Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hey, everyone. My name is Paul Idstein. I’m reading this so I get everything right. My beautiful wife, Liz, and I produce and publish books on Amazon KDP. We first heard about Sophie’s Kindle publishing income course while we’re watching some YouTube clips. It sounded like it was a trustworthy, interesting program and so we decided to sign up, and that is exactly how this all turned out. Liz and I have found the course to be very comprehensive and well organized. My wife and I were both terminated from our teaching jobs due to the vaccine mandates here in Queensland. Consequently, we really needed to find something that would help to replace our regular incomes. The levels of support at Kindle Publishing income are second to none, and we have really appreciated the additional Q&A sessions. The K rocket sessions have also been amazing. Since we commenced Sophie’s course, Liz and I have both become a lot more resourceful and confident in the way that we approach various challenges.

It has also helped us become a lot more business like in our approach to other aspects of our lives. Currently, we are really very excited about producing and publishing our first romantic novel, which is called Shimmering Rose. We have been using the amazing freelancers that are available via the Urban Writers freelancers group. It has been really exciting and uplifting for us to be producing what we believe is going to be a very high-quality novel. It is also gratifying to know that we are contributing to society and culture in such a creative and meaningful way. We would really like to thank Sophie and her team for all their guidance and support on this incredible journey. If anybody is considering doing Sophie’s course, then I would not hesitate to recommend that you can get you enrolled and strap yourself in for a challenging, but very rewarding ride. Cheers, everybody.

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