What Ouddhena Can Say About The Kindle Publishing Income Program

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Hi, my name is Ouddhena Eronigca and I’m from a Nordic country called Estonia. I stumbled upon Sophie’s video one day as I was searching for something to do online while caring for my son at home, as I wanted to prioritize my toddler and not go back to my highly stressful journalistic job. And as we do, one thing led to another, and Sophie’s webinar popped up on one of my social media pages. I signed up for it, and I sat through the whole webinar, not once, but twice, just to make sure that I did not miss any details as it really interests me. Therefore, I took the plunge after a few days of back and forth conversation with my highly skeptical, but very supportive, husband and also making sure that I have the time and the money to invest in this course. I’m glad I took the plunge because it then opened up a whole new opportunity for me because, although I’m no stranger to writing, the publishing industry is a whole new ballgame.

It is exciting, very thrilling, but also highly saturated. However, having said that, I still wanted to give myself a try. I wanted to give it a go. I wanted to give it a chance and see for myself. I’m fairly new in this course, only three months along, therefore I’ve only managed to publish low content journals. However, I do have two high content books in the works at the moment. So with every business out there, this comes with its own unique hurdles and roadblocks, and I’m already seeing it now. However, the wonderful team that backs this course has my back. So anytime I’m stuck or lost, I shoot them an email and they get back to me or else we have this coaching calls, and they’re quite helpful, really, really helpful.

Overall, I think this program has a great potential to enable us to generate sufficient passive income in the long run while still allowing us to do what we love, in a way. And if you’re thinking of whether or not to join the course, I’d say if you have the means for it, if you have the time and the money and some passion for it, then go for it. You won’t have any regrets. But if you don’t have the time, the money, or the passion, then this is not for you realistically. Otherwise, give it a try. You never know where this might take you. You just never know. See you on the other side.

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